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Paralaxus City Notes:

Welcome to the city of Paralaxus located within the Amethyst kingdom named for it’s abundant amethyst mines.

Paralaxus follows an interesting ruling family in that while they uphold their traditional role as ruling elite by blood, the Fasdal family has the citizens of the city elect who among the family is given the power of rulership through public voting held every four years.

Paralaxus enjoys a variety of cultures with areas devoted to the mingling of racial cultures as well as dedicated sections for those more comfortable with others of the same culture. Although there are some of the more negatively thought-of races amongst the towns inhabitants the vast majority of the city’s inhabitants are from the more notable good and lawfully inclined races.

Trade is limited to maritime trade due to the surround lands of the kingdom being surrounded by unpassable mountains. Many dwarven parties have been lost never to be heard from again while looking for a pass through or under the mountains.Thanks to the extensive port system the city possesses maritime trade is abundant and profitable. While most traders are set in trade routes used to provide necessities to the city some traders exist solely to set out in search of goods that the wealthier citizens want imported.

Paralaxus employs vast numbers of farmers who are granted plots of land in the land surrounding the city as far out as several weeks travel from the city proper, during the harvestable months of the year these citizens live on the land provided in groups of families eight families in all, each plot of land is divided into 9 areas with the center area further divided into ten smaller areas two of which have eight single family homes built upon them while the other eight small areas are farmed for food of the families these families are also responsible for farming the eight larger areas which provide food for the city itself. During the winter months these families move into the city and often take up a second wintertime profession. Therefore some services may only be provided or more easily obtained during the winter months.

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